Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mr. Cakestand

Kendal bought Gavin this winter suit. Sad to say I don't think he'll fit in it by end of winter.

This is why Rachel calls him Mr. Cakestand.

Didn't like the swing a while ago, but now it's our lifesaver.

His first tux.

Wanna fight?

He likes to stand. We just bought him a jumper.

Key U Tee

Mamsie Pants and Pudge

Our dentist office made a mold of Gavin's hand for us. Free of charge. (Family cavities actually paid for it.)

This is his new favorite toy. He likes to pull on the lion's tail.

His weak attempt at laughing. Rachel can get him going.

He's our hound dog.

More hound doginess.