Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Happy Boys and Power Rangers

Gavin making his silly faces

 I realize that these pictures look pretty much the same, but it is so rare that I get Holden smiling on camera that I couldn't resist

 Here is our resident Power Ranger who today asked me when the bad guys were going to come so he could fight them. He jumps all over the place (and couch) practicing his power ranger moves.

Dover Air Museum

While mommy went to Aunt Nene's bridal shower, daddy took the boys to the air museum. It looks like they had fun.

Apparently Holden is "cuddling" the concrete

Gavin's First day of Preschool

I've decided to embrace Gavin's natural fohawk(sp?)
 I was going to help Gavin get all buckled in, but this is the point where Holden realized Gavin was leaving and started crying while saying "brother brother brother." As the van drove away and we walked back up our driveway Holden whipped around and blew a sad kiss to Gavin. We went inside and ate fruit snacks which seemed to help.
Getting on the "bus"

When Gavin got home I asked him what he learned and he said "I don't remember." Hopefully this is not a sign of things to come:)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Hair cuts!

Ok so the both of the boys' hair were out of control. I don't even think the pictures show just how scraggly they looked. This was Holden's first haircut.

 Here's the finished product. He had his scissors too so he wouldn't keep trying to take mine.
 Gavin has sooo much hair. We should have gotten a picture of the nice rat tail in the back. Maybe next time.
I do think his hair helped hide some of his chunky face:)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Gavin Says

Gavin: Mommy don't step on my feather cause it will break and I'll be really sad because I can't find another one.

I was watching a "mommy show"...Revenge...and there was a part where someone fell off a building onto a car. Gavin was playing and he saw it and said "this is a bad part, I want to watch a good part." He was really scared. He understands so much more than I give him credit for sometimes.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Our Boys

Our boys are growing up too fast. Here is a quick snapshot of them:

Age: 2 years 8 mos
Weight: 33lbs
Favorite character: Lightning McQueen
Some of my favorite things he says:
  • Because why?
  • To a helicopter flying overhead: "wait for me wait for me!" (ok this one is like 6 months old, but I didn't want to forget it.)
  • Who is the prophet? "Thomas Monson, like Thomas the train"
He is working hard on potty training. He's had a few days with no accidents and today even made it through a trip to the park and his nap. Night training has not been attempted. He is so sweet with his little brother. He can make him laugh on command and is always worried if Holden is crying..."mommy go help him!"

Age: 8 mos
Teeth: 5. Three in the last week, and three more on the way.
Size: 12 month clothes for the last 2 months
He's got a pretty quick army crawl down. He just started pulling himself up to a standing position. He's at a stage where he can't do everything he wants to do so he is getting a little frustrated. He eats all of his pureed fruits and vegetables pretty well, although he won't eat any of the baby cereals. He usually communicates with happy high pitched screechings and dadadadas. With the exceptions of the last week, he is the happiest baby. If only he would let us sleep a little more...

Here are way too many pictures...what can I say? They're just too cute and I'm too far behind.