Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Quarterly Update

As we all know, I'm not very consistent on my blogging. I'm here today to update everyone on everything from Halloween to Gavin's first birthday. I can't believe my little boy is already a year old. He loves doing everything with mom unless it's eating vegetables. You can ask Jordan...Gavin is a mama's boy. He started walking right at 10 months and his hair is starting to look like a mullet, which means we need to cut it finally. Jordan's sister, Kendal was so nice to take some great pictures of Gavin while we were all in Arizona in October. Gavin had so much fun with his cousin, Stone. Here are some of my favorites from the shoot.

Here are some pictures from Halloween. For our first party, Jordan was a Guitar Hero, but then for the ward party, he was Edward Scissorhands. I think it turned out pretty great. Gavin was the cutest little monkey and I was some sort of purple sorceress.

Look at those curls!

They REALLY like yogurt.

Four generations of boys.

Thanks CC!

I gained a few pounds over the holidays, so I was forced to compensate by chopping my hair off.

This is Gavin with his cousin McKayla. He looked so handsome in his Christmas suit.

On the subject of Christmas, we all received some great gifts. Gavin got a new car seat, lots of books, and some really fun toys. Jordan got new head phones, some yet to be bought running shoes, a book, a jacket, and a shirt. I got some clothes, of course, and Jordan completely surprised me with this gorgeous necklace. I told him we needed to take it back, but I love it too much so I never got around to it. Guess I have to keep it now.

Gavin just loved Grandpa Cooper. My dad really knows how to play with the kids.

Just some random cute shots.

This one is really funny, but we had a really cute one right before it. Unfortunately I let Gavin play with the camera and he deleted it.

Gavin loves to smile for the camera now. Sometimes he goes a little overboard...

More cuteness.

He might have been called a girl at the park...I think it might be the curl wisps in back.

Gavin's cousin Dallin came for a visit on his birthday.

And FINALLY, here are a couple of birthday shots. Lame, but I don't have any of him with us. I guess I was too distracted.

He really did not want to keep his hat on.

I'll have to get the video uploaded sometime, but I think the pictures give you the idea.
I'm trying to get some videos up, but I keep getting errors, so maybe tomorrow.

We had a great time on our two trips to AZ and our two weeks in San Diego for Christmas, but there is always something nice about being home. Jordan just started his second quarter at UCR and Gavin and I play, go to the park, and learn how to eat like a big boy.