Saturday, November 20, 2010


From Utah, we drove up to Wyoming to meet Aunt Carolyn. Gavin's favorite part of the drive were the cows. Getting through these definitely added a chunk to the drive.
 Here's a group shot of us with Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Ed. This is in their backyard. Such a beautiful yard with the river running through.
 Here's a group shot with Diane, our cousin.
 Gavin sure grew attached to them.
 Gavin's favorite activity: Tickling toes. He can even do it through shoes.

 Gavin also loved riding through town on the ATV. Here he is driving.

Thank you for such a great visit Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Ed! We are so happy to add such great people to our family. Now we just have to get my dad to meet them!

Trip to Utah

 In early September, Jordan and Gavin spent their first Daddy Son time alone. They left a few days before me to go to Utah to see Uncle Tanner while he was there. They had so much fun fishing with Tanner, Charee, and Coco.