Wednesday, April 14, 2010

No More Curls

A couple of weeks ago, we decided it was finally time for Gavin's first haircut. It was also my first time giving a haircut, and it's a good thing Gavin doesn't care what his hair looks like.

Some before shots

This is Gavin playing with the magnet board Charee made me. He loves it and cries when I put it up.

The Hair-cutting process

No More Curls:(

Finished Product

Awesome picture of my boys.

Just cause it's cute

This is for Connie's sisters who think Gavin has the best temperament.

A second later when he sees the camera

And just for Kerri, here is how Gavin helps with the silverware.

I'll have to do another post soon because I'm behind and there is just so much. We have been going to the park a lot lately (notice Gavin's farmer's tan), and playing at home. Jordan works hard at school as always and even let me cut his hair (we're not posting those pictures). Maybe after I get some more practice. After my first attempt with Jordan's hair, I decided I had better do some more research before our next attempt.