Thursday, July 8, 2010

Growing Up

Gavin is growing up so fast. he is trying so hard to talk and he says a few words including cheese, fish, and cookie (for Cookie Monster). He's really good at cheering when we watch Deal or No Deal. If you ask him a question, he will usually respond with a very adamant "Ya-Ya". He's been saying no for a long time, but the last couple of days he has developed a very concerned sounding "no". He loves stacking things, even if they aren't meant to be stacked and has become obsessed with Rice Krispies. He usually asks me to give him some 5 times a day.

We are getting ready to move next weekend to family student housing. They're not the biggest or nicest, but along with other pros, they are about half the rent. Our apartment is a huge mess and we have several boxes filled. Also for all you netflix subscribers, go watch Veronica Mars. It's on watch instantly now. Or you can just go buy the seasons, it's totally worth it. I haven't given up on a movie yet, or better yet, just bring the show back, I mean seriously have you seen some of the shows on tv these days?

Pop Rocks!

At the Braves Game

In daddy's really really worn out shirt

Sometimes when mommy won't take me on a walk, I settle for watching tv in my stroller

Me and my Rice Krispies

One of my stacking/balancing projects

He just got his nails done


A little long, but a cute clip