Thursday, June 3, 2010

Frustrations, Golf Balls, and Mommy's Shoes

Lately Gavin is challenging himself with balancing feats. For instance, the other day he had a spatula and a golf ball. He had the spatula on the floor and kept trying to balance the ball on it. He was getting really frustrated and crying. Eventually he got it balanced so he was happy again. But that wasn't good enough...then he picked the spatula up and off fell the ball. So he starts crying again and he had to start over. He doesn't give up, but he ends up sitting there crying. I try to help him, but it's even hard for me to balance the ball on the spatula. Eventually I gave up and distracted him with something else. Similar balancing acts have been attempted daily. It's so interesting to me that he gets so frustrated that he sits there crying. Maybe he's going to be really good at the egg on spoon balancing at parties.

In other news, Gavin has no problem balancing the golf balls in his mouth.

After we went walking the other day, he made me put my shoes on him.

Playing with Daddy.

This is how well Gavin is learning his body parts.