Monday, February 27, 2012

Hair cuts!

Ok so the both of the boys' hair were out of control. I don't even think the pictures show just how scraggly they looked. This was Holden's first haircut.

 Here's the finished product. He had his scissors too so he wouldn't keep trying to take mine.
 Gavin has sooo much hair. We should have gotten a picture of the nice rat tail in the back. Maybe next time.
I do think his hair helped hide some of his chunky face:)


The Jessups said...

hahha, I LOVE those boys! The finished product is awesome. Way to go boys for letting you cut their hair. Stone has always FREAKED out. I still maintain that Holden is totally you (well, your Dad), and Gavin looks SO much like Jordan to me. I know I'm a broken record. I LOOOOVE them.

Bracken and Bracken said...

Your boys are getting SOOO big :) Love it.

Emilee said...

Aww I miss Gavin!!

Connie said...

Time to schedule a visit to my J.Brown crew...need to smooch those cheeks!!! So cute!